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The story of your success in business, starts with a small inception of an Idea. You take a lot of efforts to build & stand your business. But just building a business is not the end of any business growth.

You need to constantly keep your branding and marketing activity on going to spread your business across the competitive market. You can do branding and marketing of your company and spread your business brand in World by means of Advertising. Advertising is a means of targeting your end users with your services/products. Advertising can be done in different ways by different Medias/channels.Advertising is also known as a direct marketing. Advertising includes activities like newspaper ads, outdoor advertising, radio channels, Television channels, online marketing, Product Display & packaging, hoardings, Mobile Marketing, etc

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Newspaper Ads

A newspaper is a periodical publication containing news, other informative articles and usually advertising. Previously newspaper were only printed on paper & circulated all over the world but since technology has evolved newspaper are now available online known as e-paper or online newspaper. Newspaper is an effective way to reach to your end users.
We, Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd. provide you ad designing at affordable rates than available in market. We do analysis of your industry & then suggest you if have to go by full page ad, half page ad and if have to proceed with an article or ad or advertorial.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising means people when comes out home and see the ads on rickshaw, bus, hoardings, roadways, umbrella, standees designing, etc are known as outdoor advertising. The reach through this advertising also provides a greater reach & increases footfall of your business.
There are rules & regulation imposed by government before carrying such activities hence we Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd. understand this & gives you a best quote & designing along with the phase orientation.

Radio / Television Channels

Radio & Television are the two very popular & reachable advertising media. Your business small or big reaches to a wider spectrum by promoting your ad on TV/Radio.
We Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd., provide you an in house studio to build your ad for television or Radio with a good quality recording of voice or video.

Online Marketing

One of the latest ways of advertising is online marketing. As today all are known to internet concept right from an age 10+ to 80+ all are aware about it. Online marketing includes Social Media marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign, etc.

Mobile Marketing

We all use mobile now a day’s let it be a simple windows phone or an android phone. Mobile marketing is an advertising medium where you can catch a customer at his click away from your services. For example: Sending promotional SMS, mails, creating awareness about your service/product via whatsapp, telegram, etc.A Mobile Application is also an simpler way to reach to your client.

We Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd do not just advice you all the above mentioned advertising to gain money from you we 1st study, analyze and present a report to you about your business & then advice which one or combinations will make benefit for you or give you your ROI.