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Print Media- Your Brand Creation

Print Media are lightweight, portable, disposable publications printed on paper and circulated as physical copies which hold informative and entertaining content that is of general or special interest. Today, many books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters are published on digital electronic editions on the Internet. The print media is an effective way to communicate with people locally or on international level. Attracting media attention can help expand your influence and name recognition in target communities.

Print Media gives a stand to your brand recognition. The colour, text, design, etc helps in recalling of your brand to your end users. Print Media plays a vital role in any business, small or big all has got its value added. Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd. brings a wide range of Print Media services as follows:


A brochure is a reflection or rather image of your business. It reflects the culture of your business to the outer world which includes the competitive market as well. A brochure is designed as per what a business wants to communicate to their clients, whether a business wants to communicate its all products & services in detail or in a summary format, along with their vision, mission, achievements, etc. The details in Brochure depends upon whom you will be circulating your brochure is whether a B2B or B2C.

Innothoughts provide you a wide range of scope on this brochure designing like 3 fold, 4 fold, a small booklet type, etc right from simple paper to glossy paper or GSM bond paper. We study your business first and then give a best possible solution for brochure design.


A catalogues is generally a list of goods or services on sale with their description and prices published as a printed document, or as an electronic document (e-catalogue) on internet or on a diskette, CD, DVD, etc. A catalogues not necessarily include pricing but also a series/patterns of your products/services that you would like to display it to your clients.

Innothoughts provide you a wide range of catalogues in spiral binding format, hard bond format, etc. We give you an array of options of catalogue that will fit your business nature.


In any small or big business every piece of written communication can develop a brand value of your business in the market and it also helps in cementing the bridge with your client. Envelope may seem like a small of piece of communication it can create a brand of your company.

Innothoughts helps you in design & print of your business envelopes.

Letter head

A letter head gives an impact on the receiver of the letter about your business brand & culture. Letter head should be designed with combination of the font, colour that your company is identified with in the market to regain the brand value of your business. The quality of paper that you use can also matter a lot.

Innothoughts gives you best combination of this service of letterhead wherein we can decide upon if both sides of letter head should be printed or only one side.

Posters/Banner design

A poster or banner helps any small or big business to increase its visibility in the public space and to capitalize on certain venues. It displays your services/products offering in detail or in summary format also. It’s kind of hoardings also you can say.

Innothoughts offer you high quality digital printing on durable materials


Outdoor advertising offers your business great advantages as long as flyers are designed well and contain the relevant marketing message. Flyers are versatile in their use and can be displayed or placed virtually anywhere. They also personalize your marketing strategy by taking it literally into the hands of the consumers. Flyer designs should be well thought through as they offer your business a unique opportunity of making a sales or advertising pitch.

Business/Visiting cards

Business/visiting cards are not just a stationery to be added to the business but it is key importance in any business. Business/Visiting cards give an impact of your business on the receiver of the card. After all how you treat your business is a reflection of how you will treat your customers. Such small things matters in any business a lot.

Newspaper ads

Newspaper is an ultimate print media which can reach to thousand to uncountable number of people in a day. In newspaper there are many options that you can give for printing like an article, ad, advertorial, full page ad, half page ad, etc. Newspaper creates an awareness in people about your business brand & value and helps in retaining of your clients while at the same time increasing the footfall of your business.