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Our objective of a sales promotion advertising campaign include product trial, brand loyalty and increased frequency of sales, all of which are metrics which through sales promotion are easy to detract and measure, making sales promotion marketing one or the more accountable and transparent elements of a marketing strategy.

This ability to measure with ease the impact sales promotion advertising has on your sales is what makes it so attractive to marketers, as the returns of this activity can be readily quantified, demonstrating its benefit to your sales figures with ease, making sales promotion advertising a definite must in today's economic climate. A frequent feature of sales promotion advertising is the use of associations between the brand and celebrities, films, events or even otherbrands, working in conjunction with one another to appeal to consumers interests beyond your products and services.

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This makes your communications better received, appealing to users by demonstrating that your brand is the best for them, making them believe that due to these associations that your brand is the best choice for their lifestyle.

When deciding to draw such associations with your brand it is important to get it right, remaining mindful of the negative impact the wrong association could have for your brand and the subsequent impact this could have on your sales promotion advertising.