What is Accelerated Mobile Page Aka AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Page is an open source initiative by Google with an aim to create a better and quicker web experience.

AMP enables creation of websites, blogs and webpages which are consistently fast, simple and across devices, brewers and their platforms.

At InnoThoughts Systems, Accelerated Mobile Pages are built with 3 core components

AMP/iconic developer


It is a HTML with some restrictions for better performance of the pages. It is a HTML which is extended with custom AMP properties.

2. AMP Java Script

AMP JS library is what make sure that the AMP HTML pages render quickly. The AMP JS Library is the key which implements all of AMP's best performance practices, manages the resources which helps in loading the AMP pages and provides custom tags combined to ensure fast loading of the AMP pages

3. AMP Cache

AMP Cache can be used to serve and carry cached AMP HTML Page. Google AMP cache is a proxy-based content delivery network to deliver all valid AMP Documents so basically the Google AMP cache is a cache of validated and verified AMP documents published to the web. AMP is served directly from this cache to provide fast user experience.

Want to know how Accelerated Mobile Pages will help you in serving better Return on Investment from your website?

With the era of smartphone and World Wide Web, almost every information you want is at your finger Tips. There is a tremendous chunk of data on the WWW but also people look forward to fast access of this data. Slow load time of content on your web pages may occur because of the use of extensive analytic scripts, unending loading advertisements and promotional contents which occupies huge amount of space and ends up in increasing the page speed and thus the page you try to access may take time to load. Many a times website visitors tend to care more about speed than another fancy things on the website. Page loading speed is also a very important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Fact : 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.

At InnoThoughts Systems, We develop Accelerated Mobile Pages that works lightning fast to load a content, thus capturing the attention of the visitor and thus making an AMP Page Developed by InnoThoughts Systems is the best choice for your website.

Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

Amongst the many advantages of coding with AMP, we have hand-picked the top 5 benefits for you and listed them below:

1. Faster Loading Time for Mobile users :

We need not mention here much as it is no surprise that Accelerated Mobile Pages load like lightning fast on mobile devices. The Term "Accelerated Mobile Pages" it self tells us what its main benefits is.

2. A must for SEO :

Even though AMP has still officially not yet considered as an independent ranking factor but page speed and mobile responsive are well known factor for SEO which can be achieved by AMP which gives a boost to the website developed by AMP on SEO. AMP has also been given a separate space (refer to the image along) on the Search Engine Which makes it a must for SEO.

3. Boosts visibility of the pages which are made in AMP format :

The AMP pages display AMP symbol in green (Refer to the image). The embossing of the symbol on the search engine increases number of clicks on the page as the page stands out and also users will look for AMP pages as they are faster to load.

4. No Custom Solutions :

AMP is accessible across devices irrespective of their OS, Browser or form factor making it the ideal choice for web pages that are viewed over the mobile phones or tablets.

5. Advertisements :

AMP allows the publishers to post ads without harming the page speed or interfering the user experience. This helps in increasing the returns on investments by losing on the visitors and thus keeping publishers and advertisers happy.

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