Digital Marketing for 2021: Change is the only constant

  Monday, 14th of December, 2020     What an audacious year 2020 has been, hasn’t it? As digital marketing is gearing its way through this unpredictable change of events and affliction of the year 2020, it is also growing in importance and becoming a boon for companies despite these uncertain times. For businesses that were forced to close shops and operations, digital marketing is the last-ditch effort to stay on top of the customer’s minds.

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All You Need To Know About “Google’s Page Experience Update”

  Tuesday, 21st of July, 2020     All You Need To Know About “Google’s Page Experience Update”

The Global Pandemic Hit of 2020 has affected nearly every aspect of our life. Since the time of the ‘Dawn of online business’ digital marketing has been serving the marketing industry as a strong point and now it plays the role of a very powerful asset and it’s crucial for businesses to grow and maintain their customer base.

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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors In The Digital Marketing Game

  Saturday, 27th of July, 2019     Stay Ahead of Your Competitors In The Digital Marketing Game

As 2019 approaches, the digital marketing scene that envelops SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, paid marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift. There may have been the point at which you could've dismissed artificial intelligence but in the current scenario, artificial intelligence ...

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Mobile First Indexing

  Tuesday, 26th of September, 2018     Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first indexing is what as its name says, it just means that the mobile version of your website becomes the starting point for Google indexing and the baseline for how Google determines the rankings.

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Bye Bye Slow Website

  Tuesday, 18th of September , 2018     Bye Bye Slow Website

Speed of the website matters a ton when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

A slow website can really harm your visitor numbers and sales. Amazon would lose an astonishing $1.6 billion if the speed of the website was slow ! From this you really get an idea that how important roles is played by the website speed when it comes to SEO and lead generation.

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SEO for Dynamic Website!

  Tuesday, 30th of May , 2017     SEO for Dynamic Website

Dynamic Websites are great! Just because they are faster to load and a good way by which users can communicate and interact with each other without any admin interfering or development of any other page required.

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A Complete guide while hiring a SEO Company!

  Saturday, 27 of May , 2017     A Complete guide while hiring a SEO Company!

With an increase of awareness of importance of SEO in ones website, while carrying on a business has led to a rise in the SEO service provider companies. Finding a right SEO company is a tough job in itself. Choosing the right company would be the best thing one could do for their business and choosing the wrong one would cost your business time and money.

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7 Simple Ideas to choose keywords for your websites

  Wednesday, 10 of May , 2017     7 Simple Ideas to choose keywords for your websites

Keywords are the basic ingredient while doing or performing the SEO process. Keywords in SEO language are the terms, phrases or wordings which are typed in by the user in Google Search engine while performing the search process.

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SEO Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2016

  Tuesday, 28 of June , 2016     SEO Trends 2016

Google changes its algorithms multiple times a year, making it difficult for marketers to know what is wrong and right in terms of creating strong SEO strategy

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