Facebook - Tips and Tricks

10 Tips and Tricks for Facebook that you should Follow

Internet, a global network connecting Billions of people has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. As of 2014, the total number of internet users has substantially increased to 3 billion. With the increase in the number of internet users worldwide, the social networking websites has become a new medium for businesses and other organizations to promote their brands.

facebook tips and tricks

Facebook the most widely used social networking site has 1.3 billion users worldwide in 2014. Around 30 million businesses use Facebook out of which 1.5 million businesses use Facebook for paid advertising.

Facebook allows you to keep your customers warm in a friendly, non-invasive way. It has nothing to do with luck, but instead it has everything to do with what you post, the time you’re posting, and even the words you use. The various Tips and Tricks that maximizes user engagement and help you grow your business via online using Facebook.

A quick look at tips for Facebook:

1. Link Facebook Image Post to your Website

  • Enter the website URL
  • If you are admin of the page you will have the option to upload image of your choice
  • Click on upload Image
  • After choosing Image click on post
Note- Only Admin of Page can change Image

2. Facebook Image sizes required to make your image clickable

  • Profile photo at least 180*180 px and displays as 160 * 160 px
  • Cover photo 851*315 (for fastest load time of your page)
  • Shared link Thumbnail (484 * 252 px)
  • Profile picture on timeline (32px * 32 px)
  • Shared Image (504 px max width height varies-narrow images may have some gray space)
  • Shared Video (504 * 283 px)
  • Page Post Event Image (784 * 295 px)

3. Best time to post on Social media

  • Best Time Between 1pm- 4 pm results in the highest click
  • Avoid Peak Time Wednesdays 3 pm
  • Worst Time Weekends before 8am and after 8 pm
  • Post with photos generate higher engagement

However,looking at Facebook trends, people are online pretty much 24/7 now, so as such there is no fix time to post on facebook.

4. Content cautious

  • The best words to use on Facebook are why, most, world, how, health, best. This is to get more share, like and comment.
  • The least facebook shareable words are vs,apps,review,down,poll,game,social,tv,live
  • In all of the measurements of a post’s success, photos rank highest. They have more likes and more shares than any other form of content.

5.Visibility of Insights Tab in Facebook

Insights provide information about your Page's performance and are available after at least 30 people like your Page.

6. Invite Friends With One Click
Using a chrome Extension to Invite all Friends

  • Go to the Google Chrome web store.(Access it at https://chrome.google.com/webstore)
  • Click the “Extensions” tab in the left hand column to search for extensions
  • Copy and paste the words “Facebook Invite All Friends” into the search bar at the top of the page. Click “Enter.”
  • Select “Facebook Invite All Friends Pro” from the list of available extensions. Click the “+ Free” button.
  • Click “Add” to download it to your Chrome browser. You may need to restart Chrome to use the extension
  • Log onto Facebook.
  • Select a page or event that you want to recommend.
  • Click “Invite Friends.” When the dialog box pops up, you should have an option that says “Toggle All.”
  • Click that button to select everyone.
  • Press the “Invite” button at the bottom of the dialog box to share the invitation

7. Start a Group

Facebook group always make sense when you have a natural group that wants to discuss something good for public. The main purpose of facebook group is to openly share ideas with others .You can use facebook group specifically for your business as well.
The main benefits of a facebook group are

8. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook has 1.3 billion users worldwide. The 3 reasons why your business must use facebook advertising –

  • Facebook offers you targeted advertising
    The main advantage that facebook ads can provide is its targeting options. You can target a specific group of people according to the users demographic and interests.
  • Inexpensive and Budget friendly advertising
    You can reach your market for a fairly affordable price. The minimum spend on facebook advertising is very low as compared to other means of online advertising.
  • Great Audience Engagement
    Facebook claims to have 750 million active users daily out of its 1.3 billion users which ensure every business a good number of targeted audiences

9. Regularly publish engaging content

Like you regularly post some or other thing on your facebook status similarly you need to also do it for your business. A daily post keeps the person in recalling of your brand on daily basis. The person might not be looking at present for your services but in future whenever required will surely recall you due to your post on facebook. More specifically an interactive content generates more excitement and pass on more information to the end users.

10. Join group

The advantage of joining other groups (related to your niche) is that you don’t have to be friends with all the members of a group and which save you from having thousand of friends. If you are member of group you can share your ideas and updates with group members and can create a buzz.

Hence to sustain in the market with a competitive edge your business must start making use of online marketing and specifically facebook activities. The more your business goes viral the more you get the footfall.