Bye Bye Slow Website

  Tuesday, 18th of September , 2018     Bye Bye Slow Website

Speed of the website matters a ton when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

A slow website can really harm your visitor numbers and sales. Amazon would lose an astonishing $1.6 billion if the speed of the website was slow ! From this you really get an idea that how important roles is played by the website speed when it comes to SEO and lead generation.

According to updates in Google Algorithm, your website must load faster, a slow websites can be penalized and this will cost you by loosing your website rank on SERP.

There are lots of website speed checkers online. But most of them just tell us how long it takes to load the entire website. There are a lot of layers that factor into your overall website speed. You need to check each of them, and see what's going on and then work on getting the speed faster.

Website speed is dependent on a huge variety of factors some of those are follows:

Google SEO Speed
  • Server Speed
    Your Websites server speed is your website engine. It’s the foundations of your website. Without the core speed of the engine, you’re going to lose the race. The web hosting company and the server can have a major impact on the speed. If there aren’t enough space on the server, it will slow things down for everyone. Larger websites may need to look into a virtual private server, or VPS, which provides the cost efficiency of shared hosting, but the ability to control server resources.
    When choose your web hosting company, make sure that has an uptime rating of at least 99.5%.These all things are important because your core server speed is the first thing on the list.
  • Data loading speed
    Website speed is everything else. If your site is filled with images, complicated code, and design,it takes a lot longer to load it all. More number of files and large file size on your web pages would result to a slower the processing of your server and loading of your website. These factors may affects the loading speed of website. While improvements in connection speed have made it possible to load larger files in less time, it’s still important to take time to optimize your files as much as possible and can minify your code and optimize image formats and sizes to keep your files as lean as possible.
  • PC Cache
    The PC used to access the website can also have an effect on website speed. Cache is the place to store information and items from the websites you visit to your hard drive. When you revisit any website, it loads quickly as a result of the cache. RAM also plays an important role in the overall speed of your computer and website. Thus RAM and space in your hard drive also plays a role in website loading speed.These all factors on which you have to work.
    You can check your website speed using tools like :
    • Google Page Insights
    • Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker

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