7 Simple Ideas to choose keywords for your websites

  Wednesday, 10th of May , 2017   

Keywords are the basic ingredient while doing or performing the

SEO Process.

Keywords in SEO language are the terms, phrases or wordings which are typed in by the user in Google Search engine while performing the search process. When a user or a potential customer(For businesses) search something in Google, you would surely want your website to rank in the top 3 results.

A good keyword is really important to select to work on as if you work on a keyword which has no good search volume may lead to waste of your valuable time and energy. A good keyword has various attributes. By the end of this article you will be able to understand how to select a good keyword for SEO.

Keyword Analysis

1. Check out the level of competition

  • Of course while selecting a keyword we would need to see its competition level.
  • Take first or top 3 competitors in the market.
  • Visit their websites and land up on the blogs section.
  • Check what topics do they focus on i.e which keyword do you see over and over.
  • Go to the search and check if their websites are among the top searched sites for the keyword.
  • Once done, check how are you fairing with the keyword.
  • You could also use Google keyword Planner in Ad words to find out the competition level (Stay updated will soon be making a blog on how to use keyword planner)
  • Check how is the competition level of the keyword.

2. Research Keyword

  • Research keyword will give you a right sense of direction for optimizing your website.
  • If you choose a wrong keyword, as said previously it would be waste of your time and energy, as you won't be able to connect to potential customers with your brand.
  • Create a list of topics related to your business. A good place to start is the topics you regularly blog about. Eg. For Search engine optimization blogs, it may be SEO.
  • Now look for topics which can give a boost to specific keyword Eg. Search terms related to SEO i.e 9 Silly SEO Mistakes that can affect your Rankings (https://www.innothoughts.com/blog/9-silly-seo-mistakes-that-can-affect-your-rankings.php)
  • Done! Now lets narrow down the list with getting the search volume for the keywords you have selected.

3. Find Search Volume.

  • Firstly we need to Log into www.adwords.google.com for which you will require a Gmail account.
  • Once you log in go into the Tools tab.
  • In the drop down click on keyword planner
  • In find new keywords and get search volume data, click on get search volume data and trends.
  • Enter the keywords you have selected one per line which is separated by a comma.
  • There we will be able to see the keywords details like Competition, Average monthly searches and other details.
  • Select those keywords with high search volume and jot the list down.

4. Avoid using Generic Keywords.

  • Chose phrases or long tail keywords over one word keyword.
  • Keywords need not be a one word keywords.
  • Rankings for one word keywords are relatively higher eg. Competition for just SEO would be relatively high rather than other related keywords.
  • For this, look for other related search terms.
  • Search for one of your keywords in Google.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view related searches.
  • Then add those to your list of keywords.

5. Check for local opportunities.

  • Use region specific keyword to let Google know where your business is located and help local potential customers in your area to reach you.
  • Adding your city and state to your keyword choices and listing your physical address tell Google that you serve a localized market.

6. Avoid choose keywords by your own.

  • You can rely on Google adwords planner for keywords.
  • As mentioned above on point no. 2 and 3 you can research the keyword worth with keywords planner

7. Tips for keywords selection

  • Use Layman's language.
  • Use long tail keywords
  • Keep a watch on market opportunities for new keywords

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