What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages

  Wednesday, 08 of June, 2016   

The answer to your mobile browsing to get faster is the project started by google called Accelerated Mobile Pages. Accelerated mobile pages or AMP is an initiative that is specially designed to enhance user speed and provide the user with a better mobile browsing experience.

Google takes mobile browsing a step further and tries to reinstate that faster websites are better for users. Google with this AMP approach promises to quote a 58% drop off for pages and also promises a page loading time of merely 10 seconds.

The only drawback with AMP is that your webpage might not be of the required format and hence will have to be changed to suit AMP HTML. Height and width restrictions with regard to Images and Youtube videos will have to be taken care off in order for AMP to work well.

AMP Development

A benefit for the publishers on web pages due to this new AMP service is that they will experience an increase in clicks and their organic position.

In the world of today where decisions are made and changed in micro-seconds, AMP is the solution to increase traffic to your website as well as help enhance user experience. Accelerated mobile pages are the only way to experience lightning fast speed on your tiny mobile screens. Gone are those days when you will type a phrase into the google search engine and wait for half an hour before the search results load. AMP does not sacrifice much in the terms of the look of a webpage as it supports many of the same features that a normal AMP format supports.

This Google’s AMP is backed by WordPress as they support Google’s AMP invention with conviction.

The aim of AMP is to help marketers monetize their sites without compromising on their user experience. AMP is the answer to fast browsing and is the need of the hour!